ZapBatt, Toshiba launch ‘universal’ LTO battery operating system

ZapBatt, Toshiba launch ‘universal’ LTO battery operating system

ZapBatt, Toshiba launch ‘universal’ LTO battery operating system 1024 687 Energy Storage Journal

March 21, 2024: ZapBatt and Toshiba launched a new battery operating system on March 19 designed to act as a “universal adapter” for battery chemistries.

The system features Toshiba’s SCiB (super charge ion battery) lithium titanium oxide chemistry and can support a wide range of products including e-bikes and cordless tools and appliances, the partners said.

Charles Welch, CEO and co-founder of ZapBatt said the system “acts much like an operating system that can run on any phone”.

ZapBatt chief strategy officer Greg Slawson told Energy Storage Journal the cost of LTO has traditionally been more than twice as much as that of standard lithium ion counterparts from tier 1 suppliers of both chemistries.

“This disparity was largely due to the specialized materials and technology required for LTO batteries. Additionally, integrating these advanced batteries into existing systems often necessitated costly modifications to wiring, motors, and other components, further inflating the overall expense.”

Slawson said the partners have now narrowed the price gap to offer LTO batteries at prices 1.5-2x higher than those of standard lithium ion batteries, rather than the previously seen doubling or more.

“For some instances and markets, we can even be at parity.”

In addition to diminishing integration costs, the new battery operating system enhances the overall value of LTO batteries, Slawson said.

Citing a presumed $400 cost of a standard lithium battery for an e-bike, Slawson said the LTO battery would be around $700.

“Despite this initial price difference, the long-term savings are substantial.”

Slawson said standard Li ion batteries typically offer a cost per cycle of about $0.27, while the LTO batteries lower this to just $0.035, “thanks to an impressive lifespan of up to 20,000 cycles”.

Graphic: ZapBatt