US ‘set for 1,000GWh EV battery capacity by 2030’

US ‘set for 1,000GWh EV battery capacity by 2030’

US ‘set for 1,000GWh EV battery capacity by 2030’ 600 591 Energy Storage Journal

January 5, 2023: EV battery manufacturing capacity in North America is set to accelerate from 55GWh annually in 2021 to nearly 1,000GWh by 2030 as a wave of new manufacturing facilities come online, according to a US government forecast published on January 2.

The figures underline separate analysis reported by BESB on December 15, which indicated that the US is outpacing Europe in the battery gigafactories investment race, following tax incentives unveiled by the federal government in the Inflation Reduction Act last August.

According to the latest forecast by the federal Vehicle Technologies Office, most of the announced battery plant projects are to begin production between 2025 and 2030.

By 2030, this production capacity will be capable of supporting the manufacture of roughly 10 to 13 million all-electric vehicles per year, the report says.

Many of the battery plants will be co-located with automotive plants to optimize supply chains, according to the report.

Most of the planned projects in the US are concentrated along a north-south band from Michigan to Alabama. Based on current plans, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Michigan are projected to see the highest growth in battery manufacturing capacity.