US air base hosts 3.3GWh BESS plus solar plant

US air base hosts 3.3GWh BESS plus solar plant

US air base hosts 3.3GWh BESS plus solar plant 1024 726 Energy Storage Journal

March 27, 2024: A US Air Force base now hosts a commercially-operational 3.3GWh BESS-plus-solar facility, construction and engineering firm Mortenson has announced.

The Edwards & Sanborn Solar + Energy Storage project, said by Mortenson to be the biggest in the country, reached full capacity this January, but completion of the facility has only recently been confirmed.

The project spans more than 4,600 acres on land (see image) at the Edwards Air Force Base in California and includes more than 1.9 million First Solar modules with a solar generating capacity of 875MWdc (megawatts of direct current).

According to Mortenson, the project uses batteries from Korean manufacturers LG Chem and Samsung and China-headquartered BYD.

Batteries International reported last month that, under pressure from US legislators, utility Duke Energy was scrapping a BESS supplied with batteries from CATL at a military base amid a national security row — and had pledged to “phasing out” the Chinese battery giant’s tech from its entire supply chain.

Edwards has yet to respond to a request from Batteries International about whether any battery tech being used is under review in light of concerns raised by legislators.

The Edwards facility supplies power to the city of San Jose, Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and other companies and agencies.

Construction of the facility was completed in February 2023 under an agreement signed in 2018 by the USAF and renewables firm Terra-Gen.