US $74m fund boost for EV battery recycling

US $74m fund boost for EV battery recycling

US $74m fund boost for EV battery recycling 530 334 Energy Storage Journal

November 17, 2022: The US Department of Energy said on November 16 it was allocating nearly $74 million in funding for 10 projects that are developing electric vehicle battery recycling and reuse technologies.

The DoE said the allocation would come from funds announced under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and would support projects leading to second-use scale-up demonstrations that integrate end-of-life EV batteries into secondary applications.

According to the US government, more than 1.2 million EVs have been sold in the US since Joe Biden became president in January 2021, more than tripling the number on the road before he took office.

With demand for critical battery minerals, such as lithium and graphite, projected to increase by as much as 4,000% in the coming decades, this latest round of funding supports the recycling and reuse segment of the domestic battery supply chain, the DoE said.

BESB reported last month that plans by ENTEK to ramp up its production of EV battery separators were among the first to be selected for project funding the infrastructure law.