Ukraine’s first grid-scale ESS launched by DTEK

Ukraine’s first grid-scale ESS launched by DTEK

Ukraine’s first grid-scale ESS launched by DTEK 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

May 27, 2021: A 1MW/2.25MWh pilot battery project will become the first grid-scale lithium-ion energy storage system in the Ukraine, local energy group DTEK announced on May 20.

The battery has been installed at the Zaporizhzhya Power Plant in Energodar, and will store and dispatch energy to the grid as well as maintain Ukraine’s power system, the company said.

US technology firm Honeywell has supplied the storage system, which has been upscaled since it was announced in July, when the agreement said the battery would store 1.5MWh.

“This project effectively launches a new market for energy storage systems in Ukraine,” said DTEK owner Rinat Akhmetov.

“Moreover these storage solutions will be key to ensuring the energy security of our country, as well as a new point of development for the Ukrainian energy industry.”

The installation signals this shift towards the country’s transition towards a new energy sector, according to DTEK CEO Maxim Timchenko.

“The first industrial energy storage system will give a start to bringing Ukraine’s energy sector to a new technological level and will bring closer the synchronization of our country with the European energy system ENSO-E,” he said.

Eren Ergin, general manager for renewables and distributed assets with Honeywell, said some estimates reckoned that 350GW could come online globally by 2030.

“We at Honeywell see ourselves in a unique position to address today’s challenges in energy management,” he said. “DTEK is the true trailblazer in leading the charge in Ukraine’s energy transition.”