Taiwan agrees more battery storage in line with energy targets

Taiwan agrees more battery storage in line with energy targets

Taiwan agrees more battery storage in line with energy targets 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

January 7, 2022: Taiwan signed an agreement in mid-December to have 6MW/6MWh of grid-balancing battery storage installed in line with the country’s aim to complete 590MW of storage by 2025.

The latest announcement involves energy storage firm Fluence, which on December 20 was selected by renewable energy firm Ina Energy to install the battery system in Taoyuan.

The Gridstack system will provide frequency control services to the state-owned utility Taiwan Power Company, which in November said it had agreed to own and operate two 160MW/420MWh systems by New Horizons Ahead (NHOA), a subsidiary of the industrial group TCC.

“This is expected to be the most important large-scale energy storage project performing the new range of frequency support services introduced by the transmission system operator Taiwan Power Corporation,” said market research firm IDTechEx.

“Energy storage is needed to effectively integrate solar and wind power into the grid to seamlessly match power supply and demand,” said Fluence. “Taipower has made frequency control a top priority since the island’s traditionally centralized grid system has faced growing challenges from intermittent renewable energy sources trying to connect to the grid.

“Taipower has recognized the importance of battery storage in providing ancillary services to stabilize the grid and has targeted to boost its storage capacity to 590 MWh by 2025.”

Fluence counts the Taiwanese agreement as its 30th achievement in the market.

Quoting BloombergNEF, Fluence estimates that the world will have 358GW of battery storage installed by the end of 2030, which is more than 20 times the amount that was in place by the end of 2020 (17GW).

Achal Sondhi, vice president of market growth for Asia Pacific at Fluence, said: “Fluence views Taiwan as a key market in the region, and we look forward to working with our customers and business partners there to enhance the energy storage efficiency of the island’s overall power ecosystem and open a new chapter for sustainable energy in Taiwan.”

“Ina Energy has been committed to the development of new energy such as solar energy, and we are looking forward to the cooperation with Fluence, the leading global energy storage company,” said Norman Tsai, Chairman of Ina Energy.