Schuler in project to boost European battery sector expertise

Schuler in project to boost European battery sector expertise

Schuler in project to boost European battery sector expertise 274 203 Energy Storage Journal

June 9, 2023: A project designed to boost business opportunities for European firms serving the battery sector and counter the impact of Asian rivals was launched on June 2, the Schuler Group has announced.

Schuler said the ‘ENLARGE — interoperable production as enabler for a data-driven battery value chain’ project is backed by funding from Germany’s federal education and research ministry.

The aim is to pool the expertise of German and European companies to serve the growing market for battery cell production equipment and to create a counterweight to established suppliers, especially from Asin region, Schuler said.

The project is to run for three years and aims to develop uniform systems for data exchange, described as a “kind of meta-standard for battery cell production” to boost cooperation and networking among firms.

 Hermann Uchtmann, head of battery mass production solutions at Schuler, said: “The goal is flexible, networked and adaptive battery production.

“This is the only way that mechanical and plant engineering in Germany and Europe will be able to bid for equipment for the gigafactories that are being set up around the world.”

In addition to Schuler, project partners and associates include the German Engineering Federation, Fraunhofer Research Unit for Battery Cell FFB, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and Siemens.

Schuler completed its acquisition of the Sovema Group last September.

The takeover covered all Sovema entities including Solith, which provides equipment for lithium ion cell and module production, Sovel —formation systems for lead and lithium storage technologies — and US-based battery testing equipment company Bitrode.