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Date: July 12 – 13, 2023

Energy storage is on the rise in the USA due to new decarbonization targets and higher percentages of variable renewables in the grid, according to NREL . Energy Storage will grow up to 650 GW by 2050. Also, the Biden-Harris administration aims to reach a net-zero goal by 2050. This is a great time for energy storage projects to thrive from start to end.

The industry is also full of challenges. Energy storage project developers face a patchwork of regulation and permitting processes throughout the country which means entry barriers are high. As business models aren’t standardized, each project requires time to work out a monetization strategy for each specific case. The industry also needs considerable de-risking and competition is rife. To top it all, supply chains are clogged with bottlenecks, and costs have been going up relentlessly for the last few months.

RENMAD Storage USA 2023 will resolve the top challenges on your list as well as give you key knowledge that will help you take your projects to the next level.

Join RENMAD Storage USA 2023 to capitalize on the opportunities to build storage projects in the US over the next 5+ years.

Venue: Las Vegas, NV. USA

Website: RENMAD Storage USA

Organiser: ATA Insights