Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum 2019

Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum 2019

Renewable Energy Cyber Security Forum 2019 800 533 Energy Storage Journal

Date: October 16 – 17, 2019

“Assessing and mitigating cyber security risks on your assets ”  

Renewable Energy needs a common understanding of cyber threats and mitigation strategies to enable assets to be protected over internal and external threats that could truly compromise businesses and result in heavy economic loss, reduction of energy production as well as serious PR repercussions.

The lack of standards, insufficient board level understanding of cyber threats, legacy assets and new technology pose important challenges for cyber security professionals working in renewable energy, both in Europe and US.

Join like-minded peers at this 2-day event to learn how key players in the renewable energy sector have been able to stay resilient, invest in the right technology and convince their stakeholders it’s worth ranking cyber security up in their priority list.  


Venue: Eurostars Berlin. Friedrichstraße 99, Berlin 10117, Deutschland

Organiser: BIS Group. BIS Group are a European based team of conference production and event management specialists who love seeing businesses prosper knowing they helped you achieve your goals. Their vision lies in delivering an outstanding service and high quality educational content for you and your company.