RE Battery 2024

RE Battery 2024

RE Battery 2024 800 533 Energy Storage Journal

Date: May 7 – 8, 2024

RE-BATTERY 2024 is Southern Europe’s largest international trade fair for battery producers, recycling companies, raw material suppliers and the entire battery supply chain: on collecting, sorting, processing and reusing batteries, electric vehicles, e-mobility systems and e-waste.

Main topics discussed will include recycling technologies, materials recovery solutions, green electronics, sustainable materials, non-toxic substitutes and end-of-life / reuse strategies, as well as regulatory and business models to help reduce the environmental impact. RE-BATTERY 2024 will focus on lithium-ion batteries from e-mobility transportation, stationary applications, electric vehicles and mobile and charging products, but also lead-acid batteries and e-waste from electronics.

RE-BATTERY 2024 will bring together globally renowned experts from battery manufacturers and recycling technology suppliers, e-waste recyclers and waste management companies, automotive, electric vehicle manufacturers, consumer and industrial electronics producers, and their value chain suppliers, raw materials experts, precious metal recovery experts, sustainable materials and chemicals suppliers, science and academia, policy-makers, NGOs, research institutions and consultants.

Venue: Bologna, Italy


Organiser: A151 S.r.l.