Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2021

Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2021

Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2021 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

Date: October 13 – 14, 2021

Offshore & Floating Wind Powering the Energy Transition

With global pressure to reduce emissions and take a step away from fossil fuels, the hero of the day could be offshore wind. With ambitious targets for offshore wind set by the European Commission – to hit 300 GW capacity by the middle of the century – it will require both the well established fixed bottom wind and up-and-coming floating wind sectors to come together and hone in on what’s needed to meet this goal: rapid expansion. Is the industry ready?

Returning for another exciting iteration, Reuters Events: Offshore & Floating Wind Europe is back and set to provide a complete update of where the industry is headed, and how it can meet this target. Over 2 days, attendees will leave with not only a strategic outlook of markets, upcoming tenders, contracts and project updates, but also a sense of what is truly possible for the future of this industry that’s garnering increasing global attention (and investment!).

For the main event program, virtual networking means sponsors can leave with not only the critical information to support their plans for the years ahead, but also the connections to put these plans into action.

Our mission is to engage every tier of the Offshore and Floating Wind supply chain; ensuring bids are won, projects delivered and fleets optimised. Stay up to date and secure your piece of the pie.


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