Northvolt, Altris energize Prussian White R&D

Northvolt, Altris energize Prussian White R&D

Northvolt, Altris energize Prussian White R&D 1024 1022 Energy Storage Journal

November 22, 2023: Swedish firms Northvolt and research partner Altris unveiled a sodium ion battery design yesterday — saying it marks the start of a journey toward the commercialization of Prussian White-based batteries.

The technology is based on a hard carbon anode and a Prussian White-based cathode that is free from lithium, nickel, cobalt and graphite.

Prussian White is a derivative of the arguably better known Prussian Blue sodium ion batteries, such as those under development by Clarios and Natron.

Northvolt says its own R&D labs in Västerås  have validated the cell for an energy density of more than 160Wh/kg.

This first generation cell is designed primarily for energy storage while future iterations could move into the e-mobility sector, Northvolt said.

Altris says sodium ion batteries comprise salt, wood, iron and air and are inherently sustainable and easy to recycle.

Company CEO and co-founder Peter Carlsson said: “The world has put high hopes on sodium-ion and we’ve developed a technology that will enable its widespread deployment to accelerate the energy transition.”

The low cost and safety at high temperatures make the technology attractive for energy storage solutions in upcoming markets including India, the Middle East and Africa, Carlsson said.

Locally-sourced materials can also be used to develop the technology in regional battery manufacturing facilities, according to Carlsson.

Northvolt company Cuberg is already developing lithium ion battery cells tailored for the automotive market together with lithium metal tech under development for aviation and high-performance vehicles in the US.