New High-Performance Storage System from Bosch

New High-Performance Storage System from Bosch

New High-Performance Storage System from Bosch Energy Storage Journal

Bosch presents its high-performance storage system solutions from Bosch Power Tec as well as innovative photovoltaic products from Bosch Solar Energy at this year’s Solarexpo from May 8th to 10th in Milan, Italy. The Solarexpo is an international trade fair for renewable energies and efficient environmental technology.

Bosch Power Tec: Intelligent storage solution provides more independence from the power grid
Bosch Power Tec presents the intelligent, energy management and storage solution VS 5 Hybrid as a fitting complement to private photovoltaic plants. The VS 5 Hybrid stores the solar energy produced over the course of the day and enables photovoltaic system operators to cover their internal power requirements with PV power, even when light is poor. It is based on high-performance lithium-ion batteries with a storage capacity of 4.4 to 13.2 kWh. The system is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system and has intelligent system management which regulates and monitors energy flows and component function.

Bosch’s storage solution provides users with up to 100% independence from the public power grid. Thanks to this intelligent energy management system, the proportion of self-generated solar power in a four-person household can be increased from 30 to up to 75% or more – without having to change consumption behavior. Thanks to very fast and high charging and discharging, the VS 5 Hybrid ensures supply of the household with electricity from the internal PV system even during the day. If PV production suddenly falls away (e.g. due to a cloud passing overhead), then these energy requirements are also covered by stored electricity from the storage system.

Bosch Solar Energy: Enhanced performance classes and premier presentation of Bosch Solar’s premium module, the Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60+ S
Bosch Solar Energy is showing three performance-optimized series of modules with innovations which increase average module performance by up to 10?15 Wp. The use of a new, highly transparent encapsulation film and the new anti-reflection coating on the front glass ensure higher output. Moreover, innovative, structured cell connectors with a larger cross-section improve the series resistance in the new modules, thus increasing output. This increases yields by up to 5.5 percent with the same area. Reliability tests far beyond the requirements of the IEC 61215 and 61730 standards have demonstrated the great durability and long-term sturdiness of Bosch solar modules.

The innovative black half-cell module known as the Bosch Solar Module c-Si M 60+ S with a new frame concept is making its debut. In addition to enhanced, extremely great mechanical stability and optimized frame ergonomics, it especially sets itself apart thanks to its output of up to 285 watts. This is facilitated by a new cell generation in half-cell design and a burned-in anti-reflection coating on the front glass, which enables greater light absorption. The new premium module, consisting of 120 half-solar cells in approved Bosch quality, is already available in limited numbers from now on. Bosch Solar Energy will be launching serial production of its new high-performance module in white in the summer of 2013.

Bosch Power Tec and Bosch Solar Energy are presenting the aforementioned products at the Solarexpo at booth M13 in hall 2.

Information on Bosch’s withdrawal from the field of crystalline photovoltaics:
On March 22, 2013, Robert Bosch GmbH announced to discontinue its activities in crystalline photovoltaics by the beginning of 2014. The business is planned to be sold outright or in individual units, if possible.

Activities at Bosch Solar Energy are continuing at present, it is ensured that business partners will be attended to, and all known contacts remain available as contact persons.

The planned withdrawal from the field of crystalline photovoltaics concerns the development, production and sales of ingots, wafers, cells and modules of Bosch Solar Energy AG and aleo solar AG. This does not affect the business of Bosch Power Tec GmbH as a supplier of highly efficient solar inverters and trend-setting power storage technologies.

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