Morrow, Optimeering in AI battery systems partnership

Morrow, Optimeering in AI battery systems partnership

Morrow, Optimeering in AI battery systems partnership 1024 546 Energy Storage Journal

February 9, 2023: Morrow Batteries is to partner Optimeering to develop AI automation software for short-term power market operations, the Norwegian firms announced today.

Large power producers and suppliers need new tech solutions to balance energy systems by efficiently using the power markets, the companies said.

Morrow and Optimeering plan an AI solution similar to an aircraft’s autopilot — automating a number of processes for batteries including timing, pricing and volumes when selling energy and capacity/system services to the markets.

AI will also determine timing, pricing, and volumes when buying power for storing in the batteries and handle the management of power from a connected power plant, either injecting it into the grid or storing it.

These decisions will be taken in real-time and advance, depending on the market. The software will also monitor conditions such as higher-than-expected energy production from a connected wind park and forecast market prices, liquidity, and related production and demand levels.

Under a memorandum of understanding signed by the companies, Morrow will use AI to combine hardware and software to establish its battery cell factories, the first of which is being developed on Norway’s south coast.

Optimeering head of business development Christian Van Veen Aas said: “Batteries are an essential part of the transition toward green energy. Implementing the AI platform will automate market operations, which is vital for Morrow to operate effectively in the future power market.”

Last month, Morrow signed a logistics services agreement with Rhenus Norway for delivery of production equipment for its first gigafactory, marking the starting point for the company’s operations through the deep water port of Eydehavn in Arendal.