Lyten hails production milestone for Li-S battery tech

Lyten hails production milestone for Li-S battery tech

Lyten hails production milestone for Li-S battery tech 1024 847 Energy Storage Journal

March 21, 2024: Graphene materials developer Lyten said on March 12 it is now producing lithium-sulfur batteries in Silicon Valley at greater than 90% yield.

Lyten said the results from its automated pilot facility line confirm the manufacturability of its Li-S battery utilizing a sulfur cathode and lithium metal anode.

The manufacturing performance has been achieved using standard lithium ion production equipment and processes, Lyten said.

Conversion of lithium ion equipment to produce Li-S batteries in Lyten’s facility required six weeks and less than 2% of the total capital cost, the company claimed.

Lyten said the move confirms its ability to rapidly scale by converting existing Li gigafactories to Li-S “with minimal cost and time”.

“Lyten now has demonstrated that Li-S can be built in standard cylindrical and pouch formats, scaled to automated manufacturing, and can be done on the same equipment and processes already being used around the globe to manufacture legacy lithium ion,” said Dan Cook, CEO and co-founder.

The announcement came just weeks after Lyten confirmed it had been awarded a $4 million US Department of Energy grant to boost manufacturing of its technology.

The grant specifically targets Li-S technologies that can alleviate offshore supply chain risk for EV batteries and increase the driving range of EVs.

Lyten opened its Li-S pilot line in June 2023 at its 145,000ft2 campus in Silicon Valley and plans to start delivering non-EV battery cells commercially in 2024.

Also last year, Lyten announced it had raised $200 million through a series ‘B’ round, bringing total investment up to $410 million to scale 3D graphene applications and Li-S battery manufacturing.

Lyten investors include auto manufacturer Stellantis.