Lead battery firm Stryten shifts into vanadium flow battery technology

Lead battery firm Stryten shifts into vanadium flow battery technology

Lead battery firm Stryten shifts into vanadium flow battery technology 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

January 20, 2022: Lead and lithium battery maker Stryten Energy is incorporating vanadium flow battery technology into its product range with the acquisition of Storion Energy, the firm announced on January 19.

As well as new technology for the company it also marks a shift in markets, as redox flow batteries are used in longer-duration storage applications such as utilities, microgrids and military bases, the firm said.

Storion Energy is a commercial spin-off from technology firm ITN Energy, which began its research into redox flow batteries in 2010, it says. In 2015 Storion was formed to bring the technology to market.

“Storion’s VRFB design solves the energy-to-power trade-off for batteries,” says Stryten Energy, which is based in Georgia, US. “Batteries available today have the potential to provide standby power for longer durations when operated at a fraction of the battery’s power rating.

“In contrast, Storion’s VRFB technology expands a battery’s capabilities to operate for many hours without sacrificing its power or the speed at which it can release energy, by simply adding more electrolytes to the system.”

“The clean energy transition in the US requires reliable battery solutions across multiple chemistries to meet the growing demand for renewable power,” said Stryten Energy CEO Tim Vargo.

“The addition of Storion’s proprietary vanadium redox flow battery technology to Stryten’s portfolio of energy solutions will expand our capabilities to solve our country’s current and future energy challenges.”

The Storion facility will complement Stryten’s four R&D centres in North America that focus on lead and lithium storage solutions, said Mike Judd, president and chief operating officer at Stryten Energy.

Stryten has just created an Essential Power division to provide what it calls a ‘suite’ of advanced lead and lithium battery technologies and services for a range of applications, from telecommunications to microgrids, railways and renewable energy storage.

“Storion’s VRFB technology will expand the portfolio of Stryten’s Essential Power division,” the company says.