Kick-off meeting of Germany consortium to study ESS technology

Kick-off meeting of Germany consortium to study ESS technology

Kick-off meeting of Germany consortium to study ESS technology Energy Storage Journal


Peter Adriaansen, business director carbon black at consortium member Imerys Graphite & Carbon

A consortium of Germany industry and academic institutions will investigate energy storage technologies following a kick off meeting at RWTH Aachen University’s Aachen Centre for Integrative Lightweight Production. This follows the launch of the proposed Joint Market and Technology Study on January 30.

During the next eight months the team of experts from 19 companies will analyze established and emerging materials, and the production technologies for the production of key ESS components.

The kick-off meeting opened the first phase of the study, which will look at identifying market requirements and potentials as well as existing and future technologies, including thermal, electrochemical, mechanical and electrical storage systems and their potential deployment timelines.

However, despite the rhetoric for future technologies the initial study structure was presented on the basis of lithium-ion batteries in the automotive sector.

Consortium participants will meet company representatives from various industries and market segments as well as external experts during project meetings and workshops.

, said: “We see a booming energy storage systems market for the next several years — and that includes not only storage systems in electric vehicles, but also consumer electronics and stationary storage systems.

“This growth is underestimated by the market and we encourage companies in the supply chain to make the necessary investments to develop facilitating technologies, install raw material capacities and form alliances to support this growth.”

Interested companies can still join the consortium. Information about the procedure, the results and the possibilities for participation can be found under this link: