Hyperdrive Innovation launches next generation battery using Nissan Li-ion cells

Hyperdrive Innovation launches next generation battery using Nissan Li-ion cells

Hyperdrive Innovation launches next generation battery using Nissan Li-ion cells Energy Storage Journal


UK-based lithium-ion developer and manufacturer Hyperdrive Innovation launched its Gen 4 modular system incorporating Nissan’s lithium-ion cells for the electric vehicle and energy storage markets at the EVS30 trade show in Stuttgart, Germany, on October 9.

The new scalable 152 Wh/kg battery — holds almost 50% more energy than its Gen 2 product — uses UK-made battery cells and includes a battery management system designed to work with all existing generations of the Japanese OEM Nissan’s battery modules.

The system, an update from the model launched earlier this year, will be available from 2018.

Stephen Irish, managing director — commercial , told ESJB the modular battery packs could be scaled up to hundreds of kWhs.

He said: “The advantage of our technology is that it’s highly flexible and therefore easy to deploy across a range of applications. Driving commonality between applications enables rapid development.

“Hyperdrive knew that cell technology would improve, and working in collaboration with Nissan enables us to future-proof our design. The new modular battery pack offers a step change improvement in enabling density and value.”

He added he expected the stationary energy market would continue to grow in the UK and the rest of the world.

He said: “It will take a little time for all the economic benefits to be fully available to all consumers but the advantages are clear and the technology is ready. We foresee an exciting period over the next few years with the way that energy is generated, distributed and consumed will change forever.

“The interplay between electric cars and stationary energy storage in homes and businesses offers many opportunities for small system design including sophisticated demand-side management.”

Hyperdrive’s new technology follows the launch of the second-generation Nissan Leaf car and incorporates the cell technology developed in Japan and manufactured in the UK.

The company’s energy systems are already being incorporated into EVs from airport and municipal fleets, to autonomous machines and heavy duty vehicles.

Allan Cairns, CEO of Hyperdrive Innovation, said: ”As the market for electric vehicles continues to grow, our new battery platform offers manufacturers a more compact pack that delivers a longer range and a lower cost per KwH.

“Hyperdrive is helping major global companies to electrify and expand their product ranges whether it is construction equipment or robots as well responding to the growing demand for stationary energy storage.”