Germany sees energy storage surge, industry data shows

Germany sees energy storage surge, industry data shows

Germany sees energy storage surge, industry data shows 571 527 Energy Storage Journal

April 28, 2022: Sales of energy storage systems in Germany rose by more than 25% in 2021 compared to the previous year, generating a turnover of nearly €9 billion (about $9.6 billion), according to provisional data announced on April 6.

The Germany Energy Storage Association (BVES) said the growth in domestic and international revenues of companies registered in the country was achieved despite a sluggish industrial recovery from pandemic lockdowns and in the face of supply shortages and rising production and raw material costs.

A desire for greater energy independence, more sustainability and electromobility “are clearly becoming market drivers”, BVES said.

The residential storage market segment recorded the largest rise, with more than €4 billion in sales in 2021 — a 28% increase over the previous year, according to the survey conducted for BVES by Energie Consulting.

‘Great result’

And the number of employees in Germany’s energy storage business increased from 14,700 in 2020 to nearly 17,000 in 2021, according to the provisional figures.

The association forecast that the number of home storage systems installed by the end of April 2022 will reach 500,000, adding: “With an installed capacity of over 2.5GW, this corresponds to the capacity of almost two nuclear power plants.”

An energy storage industry survey conducted by BVES indicated that nearly 86% of respondents believe the market for domestic, industrial and commercial energy storage systems infrastructure will continue to be “very positive” or “rather positive” throughout this year and 2023.

BVES managing director Urban Windelen said: “The 500,000 home storage systems are not only a great result for the industry, but also a clear signal that energy storage systems are, and must be, an essential part of the new energy system based on renewable energy.”