FREYR Battery becomes newest member of EUROBAT

FREYR Battery becomes newest member of EUROBAT

FREYR Battery becomes newest member of EUROBAT 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

September 16, 2021: EUROBAT today welcomed Norwegian lithium battery maker FREYR Battery into its membership.

FREYR makes lithium batteries using electricity generated by hydro and wind energy, and targets the electric mobility, stationary energy storage, marine and aviation sectors.

“FREYR Battery’s ambitions will place us as one of Europe’s largest battery suppliers,” said CEO Tom Einar Jensen.

“We do compete globally in the battery cell industry, but in FREYR Battery we believe it is right to collaborate where we can, to drive important areas that we all benefit from such as regulations, access to the market, research, education and sustainable materials.”

FREYR is building a gigafactory in Norway, and EUROBAT executive director Rene Schroeder said the company would be a welcome contributor to drafting future EU policy frameworks for batteries.

EUROBAT has been busy going through the EU’s Batteries Regulation, which was published last year and broadly welcomed by the battery association.

It identified five key areas to be considered in the next steps towards implementing the Regulation, including clearer definitions, avoiding overlaps with existing measures, basing decision-making on solid methodologies, respecting the differences between battery technologies and adopting reasonable timelines.