Fluence, Siemens to install pilot storage in Lithuania

Fluence, Siemens to install pilot storage in Lithuania

Fluence, Siemens to install pilot storage in Lithuania 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

April 15, 2021: Lithuania is taking its first step towards battery storage on its transmission network with a 1MW pilot project by Siemens and Fluence, transmission system operator Litgrid announced on April 6.

The pilot, near the capital Vilnius, will be a proof-of-concept for much larger planned projects in Lithuania ‘as the country pursues a synchronous interconnection with the continental Europe electric grid and a transition to clean energy’, says Fluence.

“With ‘virtual transmission lines’, energy storage is placed along a transmission line and operated to inject or absorb real and reactive power, mimicking transmission line flows.

“Storage deployed this way can also provide other critical network services, including grid-forming capabilities, virtual inertia for local grid stability, black start capability, power oscillation damping and voltage control mode.”

The company says Litgrid is keen to secure a stable power system and is testing energy storage options to stabilize the grid and ensure resiliency. It is a move away from Soviet-era energy ties towards integrating with EU countries.

“We face the challenges of the shift to renewable energy, but at the same time we are doing a synchronization project, which is the switch from our current operation in the post-Soviet grid to an independent cooperation with our partners in Europe,” says Litgrid CEO Rokas Masiulis.

“This, combined with a system that relies heavily on electricity imports, means that we have to be bolder and seek innovative solutions; that’s why we are looking at battery energy storage at the transmission level.

“There is no doubt that the lessons learned in this pilot project will soon prove to be extremely useful — not only for us, but also other energy companies in Lithuania and abroad.”