ESS Tech awarded seismic design certification

ESS Tech awarded seismic design certification

ESS Tech awarded seismic design certification 1000 600 Energy Storage Journal

March 27, 2024: ESS Tech said on March 25 its Energy Warehouse iron flow battery storage system had been granted seismic design certification from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The system has received the highest level of IEEE 693, which ESS said makes it the first non-lithium, long-duration energy storage provider to receive the certification.

The high standard demonstrates that the Energy Warehouse can withstand acceleration up to 2.5x the force of gravity and be relied upon to provide power during major seismic events, ESS said.

Testing was conducted by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley, and included a shake table test of ESS battery module assemblies and thorough evaluation of the Energy Warehouse design.

ESS chief technology officer Julia Song said the company is committed to providing systems that can be relied upon when needed most, especially during extreme weather or natural disasters.

Energy Warehouse has an energy storage capacity of up to 600kWh and can be configured with variable power to provide storage durations of four to 12 hours.

Last January, ESS announced it was using such a system as part of a tactical microgrid in Missouri to demonstrate how long-duration energy storage could help the US military reduce its consumption of diesel for generators.