7th Residential Energy Storage Forum (Australia)

7th Residential Energy Storage Forum (Australia)

7th Residential Energy Storage Forum (Australia) 800 400 Energy Storage Journal

Date: June 22 – 25, 2020

Listen to unbiased perspectives on ​36 brand new topics​ presented by ​End Users and gain invaluable insights from ​14 Utilities/DSOs and 2 Regulators with topics such as:

Determining The Best Way To Value-Stack Different Revenue Streams Of Residential Energy Storage To Increase Adoption

Developing Clear Price Structures, Network Access And Connection Agreements To Improve The Efficiency Of Residential Energy Storage Systems

Balancing Renewable Generation Variability To Maximise Value By Integrating Residential Energy Storage Systems Into A Virtual Power Plant

Venue: Sydney, Australia

Website: https://energystorageforum.com/residential-energy-storage-australia

Organiser: Dufresne

Dufresne (doo – frayn) Research specialises in creating high quality market driven conferences and training.

The company focuses on stationary Energy Storage across all applications from Residential, Self – Consumption and Microgrid through to large scale stationary storage.

We are Europe’s first conference dedicated solely to energy storage since 2010. All of our Forum’s culminate with the unique Building the Action Plan feature.

Join us for this session and take back an action list to the workplace.