Echion gets UK Faraday funding boost for R&D

Echion gets UK Faraday funding boost for R&D

Echion gets UK Faraday funding boost for R&D 1024 715 Energy Storage Journal

December 14: Echion Technologies announced yesterday it had been awarded a total of £1.46 million ($1.8 million) from the UK government toward commercialization of its niobium-based XNO anode material.

The funding, through the Faraday Battery Challenge, is for ‘Project Dancer’ research with battery cell development experts at the Warwick Manufacturing Group.

The partners are developing what Echion said will be a unique cell designed to meet the increased life cycle and high temperature performance specifications that heavy-industry applications require.

Echion COO Sarah Stevenson said the development and commercialization of XNO was at a crucial stage.

“This project will help us to make meaningful progress in demonstrating the positive impacts our materials can bring to standard lithium ion batteries.”

According to Echion, XNO offers long cycle life, superfast charging capability and increased safety in lithium ion batteries for use in heavy duty industrial and grid storage applications.

The company said it has a manufacturing partnership with Brazil-based niobium miner CBMM for a 2,000 tonne per year XNO supply capacity by 2024. 

In September, Echion said it would accelerate the scale-up and commercialization of XNO thanks to a significant, undisclosed investment from Volta Energy Technologies.
Photo: Echion