Celgard, AEsir in Ni-Zn separators deal

Celgard, AEsir in Ni-Zn separators deal

Celgard, AEsir in Ni-Zn separators deal 1024 478 Energy Storage Journal

February 1, 2024: Celgard said on January 29 it has secured a deal to supply separators required by nickel-zinc batteries developer AEsir.

Under the terms of the agreement, Celgard will supply all battery separators for AEsir’s existing requirements and for its planned US Gigafactory.

The companies will also collaborate on research projects to further develop next-generation nickel-zinc, zinc-air, lithium zinc and sodium-zinc batteries used primarily in aviation, datacenters, telecoms, energy infrastructure and EV charging applications.

Celgard — a subsidiary of Polypore International, an Asahi Kasei company — says the agreement also paves the way for it to offer separator products to future Ni-Zn and Li-Zn AEsir licensees or joint ventures.

Additionally, Asahi Kasei could support the Ni-Zn supply chain and AEsir will evaluate component supply opportunities for items such as plastic battery packs and thermal retardant materials.

Celgard’s dry-process coated and uncoated microporous membranes are used as separators in various lithium ion batteries used primarily in electric drive vehicles, energy storage systems and other applications.

Last February, Celgard said it would step up its partnership with lithium ion tech company C4V as part of a new strategic alliance to develop high-voltage batteries for gigafactories.