CATL launches cell production in Germany

CATL launches cell production in Germany

CATL launches cell production in Germany 361 243 Energy Storage Journal

December 22, 2022: Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) said on December 21 it had started serial production of lithium ion battery cells at its plant in Thuringia, Germany — the group’s first plant outside China.

The group’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Thuringia subsidiary said the installation and commissioning of the remaining lines “are in full swing” toward the ramping up of production at the site.

CATL said the cells had passed all tests required of the Chinese group’s products globally.

CATL’s Europe president Matthias Zentgraf said: “The production kick-off proves that we have kept our promise to our customers as a reliable partner of the industry and we stay committed to Europe’s e-mobility transition.”

Achieving full production is the group’s top priority for the coming year, Zentgraf said.

The Thuringia state government issued a permit for an initial 8GWh production capacity annually in April. Modules production at the site began in the third quarter of 2021.

CATL says it is investing a total of up to €1.8 billion ($1.9 billion) to achieve an eventual production capacity of 14GWh annually in Germany.

Auto giant BMW is among CATL’s customers. The Thuringia plant, together with another facility in China, will each be delivering to BMW up to 20GWh annually of new cylindrical battery cells, which come with a standard diameter of 46 millimetres.

Photo: Investment signing agreement in July 2018 between CATL and the Thuringia state government