Brill Power in second-life BESS tech tie-up with Pretto

Brill Power in second-life BESS tech tie-up with Pretto

Brill Power in second-life BESS tech tie-up with Pretto 1024 680 Energy Storage Journal

November 29, 2023: Chemistry agnostic tech developer Brill Power said on November 7 it will supply battery management systems for second-life BESS units produced by Italy’s Pretto.

Pretto business unit Dogma Energia manufactures BESS units and EV charging systems using battery cells recovered from end-of-life commercial EVs.

The cells, often underutilised after the vehicles’ end-of-life cycle, are given a new lease of life through a process of sorting and re-qualification, Pretto said.

“Combining the environmentally responsible approach of utilising second life cells with Brill’s ‘BMS+’ technology, the partnership aims to deliver a sustainable, reliable, and economically competitive energy storage solution.”

Brill says its technology is scalable to different system sizes and compatible with any battery chemistry.

Separately, Brill said on November 16 it was partnering with UK EV charging firm Pod Point, Chinese battery maker Gotion High-Tech and Slovakian EV battery firm InoBat to develop residential storage systems that can power homes or charge EVs.

Brill CEO and co-founder Christoph Birkl said the energy transition will only happen if all involved in the sector work together to bring future-proof solutions to market.

“Our advanced battery management system delivers an end-to-end solution that extends battery lifetime by up to 60% and will be a key element for Pod Point’s entry into the residential BESS market.”

In September, Illinois governor Jay Pritzker said Gotion would start production at a $2 billion EV battery manufacturing plant in the state next year.