BMZ enters commercial ESS market with Power Bloxx

BMZ enters commercial ESS market with Power Bloxx

BMZ enters commercial ESS market with Power Bloxx 1012 1024 Energy Storage Journal

January 18, 2024: Germany-based lithium battery systems group BMZ has entered the energy storage sector with the launch of its first ESS system for the commercial market.

A BMZ spokesperson told Energy Storage Journal on January 8 its Power Bloxx system uses the company’s proprietary lithium ion battery tech and can support a range of applications including peak shaving and emergency back-up.

The plug-and-play system comes in modular, air-conditioned standard steel containers of about 10ft in length.

Depending on the modules deployed, the ESS can store and use 68-204kWh of electricity with power requirements of 50-300 kW.

The ESS can be used to store power from solar power generating units that are increasingly popular with businesses such as farms, small shops, retail outlets and filling stations, BMZ said. Campsites and remote facilities such as ski huts are also target markets.

BMZ said the first made-in-Germany iteration of the ESS has been designed for use with systems operating in European summer and winter weather conditions.

However, the spokesperson said Power Bloxx could easily be adapted for use in other global markets, supported by equipment and technical back-up from BMZ’s production sites beyond Germany — in Poland, North Macedonia, China, the US and Brazil.

BMZ announced plans last September to build a plant in North Macedonia.

Francis Monteiro was appointed general manager of BMZ’s Brazil operations, the firm’s sixth international production site, in November.