Blue Planet Energy adds to Blue Ion LX range

Blue Planet Energy adds to Blue Ion LX range

Blue Planet Energy adds to Blue Ion LX range 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

September 19, 2019: Hawaii-based Blue Planet Energy has added the Blue Ion LX battery to its range of energy storage products for commercial and industrial applications, the company said on September 12.

The new range will be based on the same chemistry — lithium iron phosphate — as its existing Blue Ion 2.0 batteries. 

With 100 commercial installations already in place, the company says its new product has been developed in response to commercial and industrial demand for high-capacity energy storage in microgrid, critical infrastructure and resilience applications. 

“We have worked closely with our partners and customers to make energy storage easier to adopt as a key to decarbonizing energy,” said Blue Planet Energy COO Chris Johnson. 

The new model uses a modular 64 kWh dual-cabinet energy storage block, which scales to system capacities of more than 2MWh for ease of integration in commercial storage markets “such as those in remote locations or areas with an unreliable grid that demand the most robust and high-quality systems”, said the company. 

The Blue Ion range was developed by CEO Henk Rogers in 2014, who says his own personal off-grid Blue Ion system has now surpassed the 1,000-cycle milestone.