Biden pledges to see off battery supply chain weaknesses

Biden pledges to see off battery supply chain weaknesses

Biden pledges to see off battery supply chain weaknesses 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

June 10, 2021: US president Joe Biden has given a massive boost to the US battery industry, on June 8 recommending that critical spending is carried out to expand the US’ capability of producing its own batteries for EVs and stationary storage.

The administration made the decision at the end of a 100-day review, begun in February, which was commissioned ‘to develop a strategic process to address vulnerabilities and opportunities in the supply chains of four key products, including advanced batteries’, the Department of Energy said.

“Today the Biden administration is announcing a set of immediate actions it will take to make the US more competitive in the battery market. The administration is also recommending Congress make critical investments to grow America’s ability to produce high-capacity batteries and products that use batteries, like EVs and stationary storage.”

The four key immediate actions aim to:

  • strengthen US manufacturing requirements in federally funded grants, cooperative agreements and R&D contracts
  • procure stationary storage
  • provide financing to the advanced battery supply chain for EVs
  • release a national blueprint for lithium batteries.

The DoE will also recommend a series of actions to Congress, including federal grant programmes; making national and school buses electric; giving incentives to encourage drivers to buy electric cars; spending more on producing batteries and providing jobs; and developing environmentally friendly practices for extracting critical minerals.

The actions have been welcomed by the battery industry.

“The Biden administration understands that we can’t build a clean energy future that’s wholly based on imports,” said Lindsay Gorrill, CEO of KORE Power, a battery manufacturer.

“Investing in the US energy storage supply chain will turn today’s vulnerability into tomorrow’s opportunity. That’s something we can’t afford to miss.”

KORE Power is building the first lithium-ion battery facility owned by a US company, a 93,000m2 facility that Gorrill says could produce up to 12GWh of batteries.

“We are delivering critical capacity in a market that’s starved for supply as we support the US and global communities becoming greener,” said Gorrill.