Battery Passport scheme victory for flow batteries

Battery Passport scheme victory for flow batteries

Battery Passport scheme victory for flow batteries 319 330 Energy Storage Journal

February 16, 2023: Flow battery industry leaders have welcomed the inclusion of the technology in the EU’s upcoming Battery Passport scheme.

Industry leaders had been campaigning hard to have the technology included to level the playing field for flow batteries in the energy storage market.

Flow Batteries Europe secretary-general Anthony Price (pictured) said on February 7 that moves to stress the importance of flow batteries had ramped up after the issue was highlighted in discussions at the International Flow Battery Forum’s annual conference last year.

“Our conferences do make a difference,” he said. “Last year we talked about the omission of flow batteries from the EU Batteries Regulation. Flow Batteries Europe took up the call to change this and succeeded.”

The implications of the Battery Passport on the sector will be considered during this year’s conference, to be held in Prague from June 27-29, Price said.

Meanwhile, Price announced that Czech Association AKU-BAT CZ had become the latest supporter of IFBF 2023, alongside Pinflow energy storage and Flow Batteries Europe.

AKU-BAT CZ chief executive Jan Fousek will be among speakers at the Prague event to discuss commercial opportunities for energy storage in the Czech Republic, as well as the legal and regulatory framework.

The latest iteration of the Batteries Regulation was formally agreed on December 9 in a move hailed, by many in the industry, as a major step-forward in the legislation needed to standardize Europe’s approach to regulating itself.