Batteries included for BMW’s €2bn Hungary investment

Batteries included for BMW’s €2bn Hungary investment

Batteries included for BMW’s €2bn Hungary investment 968 1024 Energy Storage Journal

December 1, 2022: The BMW group said on November 25 it will build a high-voltage battery assembly plant at its car manufacturing facility in Debrecen, Hungary, where it is investing more than €2 billion ($2 billion) by 2025.

Markus Fallböhmer, BMW’s senior VP of battery production said the ‘BMW iFactory’ would strengthen the “close link between battery assembly and vehicle production”.

In Debrecen, the next-generation round battery cells will be assembled into a battery housing, which is later integrated into the underbodies of vehicles, Fallböhmer said.

BMW said the official start of production for the sixth generation batteries will be in 2025 — in parallel with the start of vehicle production.

All batteries for vehicles produced at Debrecen will be assembled on the plant site, which will span more than 140,000 m² in total.

In August CATL, the Chinese lithium battery giant — and historically a key supplier to BMW — announced that it was planning to invest €7.34 billion ($7.5 billion) to build a 100 GWh EV battery plant in Debrecen.

According to BMW, its cell manufacturers will use cobalt, lithium and nickel that include a percentage of secondary material — “raw materials that are not newly mined”, but it did not give details.

The auto giant said battery production would be powered only be renewable energy sources and the batteries would improve the range of the firm’s Neue Klasse vehicles by up to 30% and increase charging speed by a similar percentage.