And the winner of the ICBR Award is… Jacques David

And the winner of the ICBR Award is… Jacques David

And the winner of the ICBR Award is… Jacques David 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

September 30, 2021: This year’s winner of the annual ICBR award, presented at the 26th International Congress on Battery Recycling in Geneva, went to Jacques David, a popular industry figure known for his lifelong commitment to the battery recycling industry.

David is recognized internationally for his extensive knowledge — he has more than four decades of experience — and, most particularly, as a true battery pioneer of the industry.

He started collecting and recycling batteries in 1977, many years before any legislative support would encourage the return of spent batteries or enable him to collect them with a recycling fee included.

As a pioneer in the recovery of nickel, cobalt and cadmium, he became renowned internationally after he developed a successful global network for the French recycling company SNAM, where he became a director. He spent 28 years with SNAM.

After his retirement from SNAM, he ran Screlec for eight years, collecting and recycling primary and rechargeable batteries in France.

In 2013 David became a consultant, advising and supporting the battery recycling community in its efforts to accompany the growing development of the primary and rechargeable battery collection and recycling business.

He is still active as a consultant on lithium-ion battery recycling with an operation known as ‘Just Different’.

Jacques David has been instrumental in setting up the modern landscape of structures that support the battery recycling business.

In 1998 he was a founding member and chairman of the European Battery Recyclers Association. This has proved to be an important body in advising the European Commission on the collection and recycling of portable and industrial batteries. It has also been an important body in setting the agenda for regulation. EBRA was involved in the landmark 2006 Directive on Waste Batteries and Accumulators, better known as the Battery Directive.

He was also instrumental in opening up the field of recycling for lithium batteries with the creation of RECHARGE, the advanced rechargeable and lithium batteries industry association, in 2004.

Early on David recognized the need for the recycling business to share not just a common voice through its industry associations but its need to communicate internally on the latest trends and technologies. He has supported such conference meetings from the first Florida Battery Recycling Seminar in 1990 to the 26th ICBR held last week in Geneva. He has attended every ICBR since its inception.

The award, says the ICBR steering committee, is granted to a person for remarkable commitment and outstanding achievements to the battery recycling industry and its related fields, including: the development of new battery recycling technologies and chemistries; improving battery collection and recycling; the protection of the environment; and advancing sustainable development and the circular economy.

Jean-Pol Wiaux, chair of the ICBR steering committee, said: “His lifelong commitment put the worldwide battery recycling industry on the path to a profitable and environmentally sound business model.”