Aggreko commissions first grid-stabilizing battery in Turkey

Aggreko commissions first grid-stabilizing battery in Turkey

Aggreko commissions first grid-stabilizing battery in Turkey 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

April 1, 2021: Mobile and modular energy firm Aggreko said on March 30 it will install the first grid-stabilizing battery in Turkey.

Just 500kW/500kWh in size, the battery will deliver system services to help the distribution system operator enhance grid stability. While being first deployed at a substation near Alaca, the modularity of the system means it can be redeployed to other substations in the region to provide temporary grid relief if necessary.

Aggreko’s ‘Y.Cube’ batteries are housed in one 20ft standard container and offer 1MW of power with a duration of 30 minutes or one hour.

Quoting DNV GL Energy Advisory team leader Faik Tursun, the Turkish news agency Anadolu said the country should be tackling the rising share of renewables in its energy mix, which would require more storage.

He said that the unit cost of battery technologies was expected to drop by 60% from 2016 to 2030, which would mean ‘even unfeasible projects will soon become feasible and profitable just in a few years’.

The rise in battery technologies in Turkey has been slow to get off the ground, given that in 2016 Overview of the Energy Storage Possibilities to Support the Electrical Power System research paper by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority made it clear that storage would be needed as the penetration of variable generation increased.

“It is clear that high penetration of variable generation increases the need for all flexibility options including storage, and it also creates market opportunities for these technologies,” the paper said.

“Historically, storage has been difficult to sell into the market, not only due to high costs, but also because of the array of services it provides and the challenges it has in quantifying the value of these services — particularly the operational benefits such as ancillary services.”