Utility, ESS maker and developer sign MoU to target Asia-Pacific markets

Utility, ESS maker and developer sign MoU to target Asia-Pacific markets

Utility, ESS maker and developer sign MoU to target Asia-Pacific markets 1024 740 Energy Storage Journal


A collaboration between Jera, Fluence Energy, and Lyon Group aims to identify and pursue utility-scale battery storage projects and investment opportunities across Asia-Pacific region, the companies announced on May 29.

Jera (a joint venture between Japanese electricity companies Tepco Fuel & Power and Chubu Electric Power), Fluence (a JV between AES Energy Storage and Siemens), and independent solar+storage firm Lyon have signed a memorandum of understanding for the collaboration.

The parties will work on utility and industrial scale storage projects at existing renewable and thermal generation plants. For each project Lyon will be the project developer, Fera an investor, and Fluence the energy storage service provider.

In the near-term, the companies will be focused on implementing a portfolio of solar and four-hour duration energy storage projects in Australia’s National Electricity Market.

These will be in: Cape York, Queensland (55MW solar + 20MW/80MWh storage), Nowingi, Victoria (253MW + 80MW/320MWh) and Riverland, South Australia (253MW + 100MW/400MWh.

David Green, chairman of Lyon, said: “There are many markets beyond Australia where big batteries can provide substantial value in terms of network strength and dispatchable capacity. The ability of battery storage to reduce curtailment of variable renewable generation plant along the same transmission line is particularly attractive.”

Jan Teichmann, VP of global markets for Fluence, said: “Australia is working to solve difficult grid-in-transition’ issues at scale as they usher in the next generation electricity network.

“More efficient electricity networks, more low-cost clean energy, and the highest reliability for consumers — these are the benefits we will be working to deliver with Jera across its operating fleet and through its and Lyon’s projects in Australia.”

Caption: David Green, chairman, Lyon Group. Hendrik Gordenker, chairman, Jera. Jan Teichmann, vice president, global markets, Fluence.