100MW/100MWh UK battery installation ‘largest in Europe’

100MW/100MWh UK battery installation ‘largest in Europe’

100MW/100MWh UK battery installation ‘largest in Europe’ 150 150 Energy Storage Journal

February 6, 2020: Installation of what some claim will be the largest battery storage project in Europe began at the start of December, to deliver 100MW/100MWh grid balancing power in Wiltshire, southwest England.

The battery, by Chinese solar and battery firm Sungrow, will be installed in two adjacent containers with 50MW of lithium battery capacity in each. Power will be generated by wind turbines.

The two containers circumvent current UK planning law, which says installations must be capped at 50MW; however consultations have begun at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to reverse this.

The project, due to be completed by September, has been developed by Shell-owned energy technology firm LimeJump and China Huaneng, which is one of the five largest state-owned electric utility firms in China and is owned by the State Council of China.

G2 Energy, a UK electrical engineering firm, will take care of the cabling and connective works.

“In recent years, with the rapid development of wind power in the UK, the intermittence and fluctuation of wind power output is making the imbalance of time for supply and demand more and more obvious,” said China Huaneng.

“After the project’s operation, it will become the largest battery energy storage project in Europe, providing power source emergency support when the main grid has an accident, and elevating effectively the safe operation level of the grid.”