Issue 19, Winter 2017/18



We hope you enjoy our latest issue of Energy Storage Journal.

This issue focuses on the much neglected role of the lead battery in energy storage. The lithium world is largely ignorant of two things.

The first is positive: the huge leap in the capabilities of lead batteries in recent years — the rise of the bipolar battery, ever more sophisticated additives, thin plate pure lead technology to name but a few.

The second is negative: there is clearly a looming shortage of cobalt, processed lithium carbonate and, possibly nickel too with a debate over which other industries will take priority for these metals. ESS may be the last in the queue. There is also the huge question mark still hanging over lithium recycling — it’s uneconomic and set to stay that way.

We also continue our series of profiles of leading flow battery players — a technology that is already starting to claim market share.

There’s more too. This issue is also crammed with the latest news and developments of a truly exciting and dynamic industry.

Have a great holiday and New Year from the team at Energy Storage Journal – remember, we want to hear about your exciting and innovative news!

Yours truly,

Jade Beevor
Advertising Manager


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