Issue 18, Autumn 2017










The latest issue of Energy Storage Journal looks at the troublesome issue of lithium ion recycling.

Recycling looks set to continue to be uneconomical — the value of any materials extracted is not worth the cost of their extraction — but costs will be driven down by economies of scale when a regular supply of lithium batteries comes on stream. The trouble for recyclers is that these volumes won’t be appearing anytime soon. It may be the 2030s before steady supplies will happen.

Elsewhere in the magazine we look at the sudden proliferation of gigafactories — it looks unsustainable, an inside peek of one flow battery firm, and, of particular interest to the industry, the state of the US energy storage business.

The threat of competition from coal and gas, despite the promises of president Trump, has been wildly exaggerated. It’s business as usual and a boom is on the way.

Yours truly,

Jade Beevor
Advertising Manager


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