Issue 16, Spring 2017










We hope you enjoy our latest issue of Energy Storage Journal.

This issue we’ve devoted a lot of coverage to the new financial models coming out of the UK which are part of a new set of templates that other storage professionals are looking at or will be looking at in the future.

US energy policy is in a state of flux as the new Trump administration settles in.

As a magazine we are politically neutral, so it is interesting to follow how the new pro-business government balances the interests of the solar and renewable community — which employs more staff than the country’s utilities — with a renewed focus on fossil fuels,

We’ve also expanded our coverage of energy storage events in this issue — given that a lot of the development and project work for the industry is quite new, networking and information sharing is a vital component for this sector’s growth and future. (We’ve also just launched an email service called Conference Watch Monthly which provides a comprehensive listing of industry events.)

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