India set for large-scale ESS deployment in 2018, says IESA

Published on: January 11, 2018 10:40 amBy: Jade Beevor


India is set to deploy a number of megawatt-scale lithium ion energy storage systems in the next six months in both the renewable, commercial and industrial sectors, according to a statement by the Indian Energy Storage Alliance on January 3.

The organization’s executive director Rahul Walawalkar said the country will see megawatt-scale deployments during 2018, as well as adding more than 1GWh of lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing capacity.

IESA expects construction work on at least two lithium-ion cell manufacturing plants of 500MWh+ to start in India this year, with completion due by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

Last year India achieved sales of 2GWh of advanced energy storage solutions, led in part to telecom towers in the early deployment stages. In 2017 more than 100MWh of grid-scale energy storage project request for proposals were released. One of those projects, by state-run coal mining and power firm NLC India, will see 20MW solar PV combined with 28MWh of energy storage capacity in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Last December the IESA entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Indo-German Energy Forum to promote and facilitate energy storage business among German and Indian stakeholders.

The alliance estimates that India’s storage market could reach as much as 70GW (150GWh-200GWh) by 2022 in the full range of applications covering grid-scale energy storage, micro-/mini-grids, and the electric vehicle market.

The Indo-German Energy Forum was established in 2006 to promote energy security, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and investment in energy projects, collaborative research, and development in partner countries.

Last month, IESA announced a start-up competition, which is being held in Delhi between January 10-12, in a bid to find Indian companies than can manufacture energy storage systems.

IESA said: “This is India’s first start-up competition focused on energy storage, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure and micro-grids.

“Energy storage remains a big challenge in the country, which will be a critical input for the success of electric cars. At this point, energy storage solutions are non-existent and where they are in odd cases, they are prohibitively expensive.”

IESA has also launched MICRO — the microgrid initiative for campus and rural opportunities — with the goal of making microgrids economically self-sustainable and to reduce the levelized cost of energy by 30%-50% by 2020 against the 2016 baseline. Microgrids are thought to be suitable way to bring a secure power supply to the estimated 300 million people in India without electricity, as of 2012 according to the International Energy Agency.

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