E.ON adds 10MW lithium-ion battery to biomass power plant in England

Published on: October 26, 2017 6:03 amBy: Jade Beevor


Blackburn Meadows biomass plantEFR, litjium -ion, 

E.ON announced on October 9 that it had completed the installation and grid connection of its 10MW lithium ion battery at a combined heat and power plant in the UK. The contract was won by the German firm in last year’s National Grid Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) tender.

The battery will be housed in four, 40ft long shipping containers, at the Blackburn Meadows biomass plant near Sheffield, and will help with the integration of renewable energy on to the grid. The batteries will also be able to provide extra power at times of peak demand as part of the Capacity Market.

National Grid’s 2016 EFR tender was opened to firms that could deliver sub-second grid frequency balancing services to mitigate either over-or under-supply of power when integrating increasing amounts of renewable generated power on the grid.

Having undergone successful grid testing by National Grid, E.ON is the first EFR operator to complete the installation and bring its system online.

David Topping, director of business heat and power solutions at E.ON, said the project was an important recognition of the enormous potential for battery solutions in the UK.

“Blackburn Meadows is a real example of the new smart energy world — a renewable energy plant providing electricity to the grid and sustainable and affordable heating and hot water to local businesses.

“Batteries at this scale allow us to make best use of all renewable energy sources by harnessing the energy and having it ready for use whenever it’s needed — increasing the share of renewable energy on the grid while at the same time providing a secure supply for our customers.”

Leon Walker, commercial development manager at National Grid, said: “Using battery storage is a significant development for managing the national grid.

“Over four years we estimate this service will save the system operator around £200 million. This is good news for consumers who benefit from our cost efficiencies, and paves the way for battery technology to establish itself as an important component of our energy system.”

E.ON worked with Italian electrical manufacturer Nidec ASI to install the battery system.

Blackburn Meadows CHP plant is a 30MW renewable energy plant that combines heat and power technology to capture heat produced through the electricity generation process to be used in a district heating scheme providing heat to customers.

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