As the solar market has since matured into a significant contributor to meeting the world’s energy needs, a broader opportunity has presented itself to promoting a path of cooperation and mutual support in achieving proactive solutions among all sectors within the Solar Power Generation and Energy Storage Technology value chain. Hence, SOLARUNITED!

“The concept behind IPVEA expanding its mission and the new SOLARUNITED name is that we want to unite through a collaborative approach the whole solar industry value chain as well as associated industries, such as energy storage, utilities and grid operators,” says SOLARUNITED President Eric Ast, who is also Senior Manager of Global Business Development at Multi-Contact.

Adds SOLARUNITED Managing Director Bryan Ekus: “This idea wasn’t something that just came overnight. It was something that we have been working on for a long time in discussion with our members.”

Download the 2015 Membership Brochure

Bryan Ekus
Phone: + 1 747 777 2081

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