Project to create UK’s biggest mixed asset VPP

Project to create UK’s biggest mixed asset VPP

Project to create UK’s biggest mixed asset VPP 550 445 Energy Storage Journal

April 18, 2019: Energy storage firm Moixa announced plans today (April 18) to create 17MW of virtual power plant capacity in the UK using smart technologies including batteries and electric vehicles.

The first stage of the project in the county of Sussex will involve Moixa creating the UK’s largest mixed asset VPP aggregating up to 2MW of capacity using batteries from a range of manufacturers in combination with EVs plugged into the power network.

Once operational, the UK firm will integrate other smart technologies to form a VPP with 17MW of capacity, managed by demand-response company Flexitricity.

How Moixa’s Gridshare platform works

The firm will supply its residential, 4.8kWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage systems to homes, schools and council buildings as well as 250 EV chargers.

The project is part of a consortium of UK technology firms and organizations that has secured £13 million ($17 million) from the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund. Moixa will use £7.2 million of the project budget for this project.

The project assets will include: a marine source heat pump and combined heat and power system; grid-scale energy storage using second-life electric car batteries; a hybrid refuelling station serving electric and hydrogen vehicles; and air source heat pumps supporting domestic boilers.

The project should be completed in 2022.