UK adds 69MW of storage to grid

UK adds 69MW of storage to grid

UK adds 69MW of storage to grid 1024 706 Energy Storage Journal


January 10, 2019: A total of 69MW of storage has been added to help stabilize England’s grid in separate projects by Danish power company Ørsted and British energy firm Centrica during the last month.

Ørsted announced on December 24 its first standalone battery had begun operations in Liverpool. The 20MW system consists of three battery containers as well as the associated power conversion system from NEC. Ørsted also has a 2MW system connected to Burbo Bank offshore wind farm.

A week before, Centrica Business Solutions announced the completion of its 49MW Roosecote battery in Cumbria. The project took 18 months to complete, and will be operated remotely from Centrica’s Energy Centre in Peterborough.

The battery will cycle power either to or from the grid to meet sub-second frequency demands.

The site originally housed a coal-fired power station, which was replaced with the country’s first combined cycle gas turbine.

Mark Futyan, distributed power systems director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “The Roosecote site is truly unique, having been home to the latest technology of its time. It is an exemplar of the transition we’ve made from dirty coal to cleaner, more flexible power.”